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best electric mountain bike 36V lithium battery

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full suspension electric mountain bike (2)

Californian bike company Specialized has been making mountain bikes for decades, though it’s new to the electric bike industry. An electric mountain bike is designed to make off-roading more fun (most electric bikes cope best on roads), as well as street cycling. This bike builds the battery and motor into the frame which looks great. It’s a solid bike (23.3kg) but still bouncy enough to feel fun. This bike is pricey not just because it’s very well built but because it has very sophisticated battery management. Use the Mission Control app to ensure you have battery to spare by telling it the distance you are going and how much battery you want left at the end. It’ll then adjust the level of electrical help it gives you through the journey accordingly. It’ll run for between 25 and 55 miles on a charge. Available in all-black, or green and black.
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